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IL Auditor General Frank Mautino Conceals Public Records

Who’s Auditing the Auditor? CBS-2 Chicago | January 28, 2016 Some pretty significant questions Daily Herald Editorial Board | January 28, […]

DuPage County’s ‘Legalized’ Property Tax Scheme

n DuPage County, property taxpayers are soaked for tens of millions of dollars in extra ‘loss’ tax.  But, 99.8% of […]

Maybe, Governor Rauner’s Best Decision

“This was a case where all of the marbles were going either to reformers or to the other side.” Governor […]

The Next Illinois Corruption Crisis

New Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino must open his books without delay. IS NEW AUDITOR GENERAL FRANK MAUTINO THE NEXT […]

The Munger Games – ‘Catching Ire’

In Illinois, the politically connected are paid first. The folks with real needs – but little political power – are […]

Paying the ‘Morally-Disabled’ Illinois Insiders

Illinois comptroller massively funded Planned Parenthood, spent taxpayer dollars on lobbyists, paid thousands of dollars in checks to a political […]

$200 Million Pay-to-Play at College of DuPage? Who Gave What, Got What at COD – breaking Daily Herald / OpenTheBooks.com investigation

Pay – To – Play at College of DuPage? A Collaborative Daily Herald Investigation with OpenTheBooks.com data 17 COD Vendors […]

Seize the Day and Cap Property Taxes

An original copy of this editorial published at the Daily Herald on June 19,2015 http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20150619/discuss/150618952/ By Adam Andrzejewski Ever-escalating property […]

Breaking… Federal Subpoenas at College of DuPage

“Reform at College of DuPage is just a beginning…” Daily Herald | April 16, 2015 Read my editorial please click […]

Where’s The Bottom at College of DuPage? | Subscriber Email – Recap & Timeline


All Citizens Must Stop COD Board Tonight

“When I feel the heat, I see the light.” U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen (IL) Stand with us. Support Trustee Kathy […]

Subscriber Special: We Sued. Now, It’s Your Turn…

  WE SUED. Today, we sued College of DuPage for alleged violations of the Open Meetings Act conferring President Robert […]

A “Flood” of Support- Thank you

Over the Christmas Holiday, more than 300 letters, notes, and emails of grassroots support flowed into the Rauner Team regarding […]

Daily Herald: College of DuPage spent $26 million without board scrutiny- Jake Griffin

Critics believe the College of DuPage board should receive itemized spending reports each month so the seven-member elected body can […]

Forbes Editorial: $26 Million Selfie at Illinois Jr. College

  by Adam Andrzejewski Read original on Forbes, click here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/adamandrzejewski/2014/09/10/26-million-selfie-at-illinois-jr-college/     Dead elephant, shooting club, global satellite phones, double […]