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Palatine Perquisites– Village Manager Out-Earns All 50 Governors

by Adam Andrzejewski
February 28, 2011

Re-revised: click here to read “Vexatious” Citizen Scales Back Palatine Perquisites

Click here for the updated Palatine Village Manager Compensation Analysis.

As additional Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) are fulfilled, here is the updated analysis of the Palatine Village Manager Compensation as compiled by a local Palatine resident. The estimated total annual compensation has increased to $355,514 (see link above).

The Palatine village manager out-earns every Governor from any of the 50 states!
Source: The Book of States 2010.

Because local governments are not proactively forthcoming regarding payroll, benefits and perks, this analysis is a good-faith estimate. For instance, the FOIA request regarding the managers current employment contract for 2011 was rejected- although contracts from 2006-2010 were fulfilled. FOIA requests regarding gross pay and accumulated sick days were rejected. Although taxpayers have a significant liability into the tens of thousands for both items, we are being told that this is “private information”.

This egregious salary and benefit package is a disgrace and symptomatic of much greater problems in the state of Illinois. At a time municipalities are asking Springfield for more taxpayer dollars saying they are broke, these types of bloated spending has become more and more common throughout the suburbs.

Funding bloated salaries, benefits and perks for their patronage army of municipal employees, Palatine taxed more, regulated more and hiked more fees.

In the past one year, Palatine has hiked numerous taxes and fees: property taxes by $850,000; water taxes and sewer taxes; mulch delivery, parking tickets, rental dwelling permits, fingerprint fees, and compliance tickets; and hiked village fees by 3.4%.

To generate an additional $900,000, Palatine added a brand new tax: Electric Utility Tax. Self-described as a new tax on the consumption of electricity, the taxpayers are shouldering increased burden.

And, the Palatine Village Manager is complaining that their red-light camera revenue has been slowed by IDOT construction projects.

Adding and hiking taxes was not enough. From the Village Manager’s Letter to the Mayor and Council in November, 2010, the Manager has forecast the need for more taxes. “…there will need to be a discussion on establishing dedicated funding source for us to maintain our roads, equipment and facilities if we are to continue to have a safe environment to call home.”

At all levels, the public sector is literally destroying private sector jobs. When government taxes more, families and local business owners bear the brunt. This has a chilling effect on employment, freedom and liberty.

Our elected officials at both the state and local levels have taken over the taxpayers’ coffers as their own. Now, we’re all paying the price.

The annual budget of the Village of Palatine is over $100 million a year. With less than 70,000 people in the village, $6,000 per household is taxed and spent for a family of four.

Palatine can’t tax and regulate the residents enough to pay for its spending.

For The Good of Illinois is standing up for taxpayers. Stop the egregious overspending.

We are committed to exposing these blatant examples of waste and mismanagement. We’re pushing for a new day of transparency, accountability — and most importantly spending reform from local city halls to the halls at the State Capitol.

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