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The Big Squeeze- Rahm, Madigan and audits.

by Adam Andrzejewski
February 28, 2011

“It’s not enough to influence Republicans, we must squeeze Democrats for better policy and better votes.”

Last week, we took a big first step. Actually, two steps.

On Wednesday, during an interview on WGN radio, Chicago Mayor Elect Rahm Emanuel said, “on day one, I’ll order the forensics audit”. Click here to hear the interview.

Emanuel is a Bill Clinton politician and not an ideologue like the current President. After the 1994 midterm shellacking, Bill Clinton co-opted Newt Gingrich’s platform. So, it is interesting to see Rahm co-opt the main plank of my gubernatorial platform and subsequent For The Good of Illinois public policy campaign. Click here to read Eric Zorn’s column in Chicago Tribune.

On Thursday, House Speaker Michael Madigan co-opted the management/forensic audit of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation program “as it applies to state employees.” Originally, the legislation was put forward by freshman Republican state representative Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon). Kay’s audit resolution (HR52) led on this issue. Kay is now a chief sponsor of the Madigan audit. Click here to see the Belleville New Democrat coverage.

Less than 45 days on the job, Dwight Kay scored a big victory. This was the perfect confluence of local media, grassroots support, an elected state rep, and our organizational focus on the auditing issue.

Dwight Kay was one of four candidates that our For The Good of Illinois PAC helped elect last November. Kay beat an 18 year Democratic incumbent who started the election cycle with $1 million in the bank! Dwight Kay is an incredible leader and a rising star.

Thank you for signing petitions, making phone calls, sending emails, wearing stickers, and maximizing your voice. The political class is listening. Your activism is squeezing Democrats and Republicans for better policy and better votes.

We are driving real reform. Thank you for standing strong with courage and conviction. Thank you for standing with us. Together, we will bring a new day to Illinois.

Adam Andrzejewski
Founder | CEO
For the Good of Illinois

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