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Was It Sunshine Week? – Recap of Transparency Week

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by Adam Andrzejewski
CEO| For The Good of Illinois

“…these would be the actions that Madison and Jefferson would smile upon.” from Daily Herald Editorial January, 2009 when DuPage County posted their checkbook.

It’s Sunshine Week in Illinois. From 2007 until the present, we have led the grassroots Illinois reform movement on transparency and accountability. With massive volunteer help, the impact has been huge.

We spearheaded “Open the Books”. Over 40 school districts and the largest counties (DuPage, Cook, and Madison) now post their checkbooks online. With the public policy campaign of the forensic audit, together we changed the language of Illinois politics. Click here to review Our Record.

But, it’s all under attack.

Right now the Illinois Senate is debating SB1645 which would arbitrarily limit a citizen’s “right to know”. If a citizen had the audacity to ask more than fifteen questions per year, the activity would be called… “vexatious”. Government would then have the option to stop fulfilling any more requests.

Why does government want to hide public information?

Because financial scams and shell-games are being exposed by citizens. Cedra Crenshaw writes about the Village of Bolingbrook and DuPage Township funneling over $900,000 to “non-profit” corporations. Elected officials are sitting on the boards and their relatives are on the payroll of the “non-profits”. Click here to see the details.

Citizens in Palatine discovered that their village manager has a base salary that exceeds that of the governors of all 50 states. Click here to review an estimate of $355,000(+-2%) of cash and non-cash compensation.

In Madison County, Kurt Prenzler ran for Treasurer on “Open the Books” and auditing. He won. With the books open, Prenzler cut 30% from his budget in his first 30 days on the job!

Please contact your legislator- Look up their name and phone number. Tell them to vote “NO” on SB1645. All public information should be accessible online. Stop regulating citizen questions! A simple solution exists: “Open the Books” and eliminate the request altogether.

Thank you for standing strong with courage and conviction. Thank you for standing with us.

Together, we will bring a new day to Illinois.

Adam Andrzejewski
Founder | CEO
For the Good of Illinois

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