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Not Weekend Softball Comp, “Workers Comp”

Statement on Workers’ Comp Reform
Guest Commentary
By Senator Kyle McCarter- 51st District
May 11, 2011

Workers’ compensation reform remains priority and it is change we must achieve this session.

True reform of the system is the single best thing we can do today, to help our economy. It will spur business expansion and job creation.

The primary component for true reform is causation that is the workplace must be the primary cause of the injury.

We don’t call it “Softball Playing on the Weekend Compensation” or “I Injured Myself At Home Compensation” – It’s called “Workers’ Compensation” because in all fairness and honesty the workplace must be the real cause of an injury accident.

Causation can change the character of our business climate: From sluggish to vigorous.

True reform can lower the cost of doing business in Illinois equal to 1 to 2 percent of payroll.

1 to 2 percent of all Illinois payroll! That’s billions of dollars for employers to grow and expand:
• New construction,
• New equipment, and
• New jobs for our families

Investment brings value and profit to our businesses and to our economy, and all of this activity will be taxed, increasing revenues to state government to better meet our obligations.

True reform, fair reform, will remove the shackles from our economy and take better care of workers who are injured on the job.

Editor’s Note:
Sen. Kyle McCarter is the author and chief sponsor of SB1349- real reform of the Illinois Workers Compensation system. On April 14, 2011, 28 Democrats voted present on the bill. Rather than discouragement, McCarter said the now famous words, “There’s still hope”. McCarter is a bold leader in the Illinois senate. For The Good of Illinois PAC supported Sen. Kyle McCarter in his re-election during the last cycle.

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