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“The Illinois’ Pension Invention!”

“ Illinois’ #1 manufactured product… Corruption!”

Today, the Chicago Tribune editorial page says that pension investment insider Bill Cellini goes on federal trial for an alleged “shakedown” of campaign cash to maintain his “influence” of state teacher pension investments. Back in January, the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) began investigating Illinois’ “creative” sales pitch of pension bonds.

But most pension innovation is… “legal.” At openthebooks.com, citizens are rooting it out. What are you finding?

Here’s what we found and it’s national news…

Thirty-four union elites are draining $338 thousand a month from the teacher pension system (click here )- including the $20,200 per month pension of the former President of the NEA (national teachers union, Washington DC). Unions are self described “private organizations,” not government. The unions exert so much muscle in Springfield that they’ve literally written themselves into the government’s pension code.

The nation’s third largest conservative talk radio program, The Michael Savage Show interviewed me last Thursday. Over 5 million people listened. Click here for the informative and news breaking interview.

End the “pension invention” of sweetheart union access to government retirement systems. Let’s protect taxpayers and the hard working rank-and-file public employees. Watch as legislation is rolled out over the next week.

Who’s fighting for you in Springfield? There is good news. Please recognize these four freshman state legislators who rejected their legislative pensions: Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove), Tom Morrison (R-Barrington), Pam Roth (R-Morris) and Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon).

Adam Andrzejewski
Founder | For The Good of Illinois
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October 3, 2011

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