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“Since 2006, Hinsdale District 86 has spent millions…
$2.309 million on taxi cab service.”
Adam Andrzejewski, founder OpenTheBooks.com 

The promise was to “Open the Books.” It wasn’t just a bumper-sticker campaign slogan.

Six months ago, we posted the pay and pensions of nearly all public employees at every level of Illinois government. Nearly 100,000 people have asked 1.2 million questions!

On Tuesday, May 1st, the vendor spending of every Illinois school district from 2006 through 2011 will be posted online.

When you click at open the books.com, what will you find?

Here’s what Adam Andrzejewski found in his local high school district:

  • 3 Taxi Cab Providers
  • 1 Hinsdale High School District
  • and $2.3 million spent

Total payments: $1.554 million (2006-2011)

Total payments: $387,406 (2006-2011)

Total payments: $367,371 (2006-2011)

What will you discover in your local school district?

Be a part of the transparency revolution! 

Hank Kruse | Chairman
For The Good of Illinois

Incoming Executive Director        Past President & Founder

Bruno Behrend                           Adam Andrzejewski

PS.  Download your “Open The Books” iPhone App. See all your local government salaries.

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