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You Asked. We Answered- 1.2 million of your questions.

In six months, we’ve answered 1.2 million questions
at www.openthebooks.com.

Last September, we set national transparency precedence by posting the pay and pensions of virtually all public employees online.

Nearly 100,000 citizens have asked one question: bureaucrats make that?  When you see the salaries, you’ll think- “I’m in the wrong business.”

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Soon after our successful launch, we discovered systemic pension abuse and helped launch compressive pension reform legislation (SB2499). Watch press conference. Public pensions for public work, period.

One month ago, the Champaign News-Gazette was the first to again highlight the legislation, here. Last week, the Chicago Tribune editorial board wrote “Come on, stop this nonsense.” Major newspapers across Illinois have reprinted it.

Leader Tom Cross has re-introduced this legislation in the IL House. It’s time to take action.


Chairman, For The Good of Illinois

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