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Daily Herald Letter: Good job or no, he’s paid too much

Letter To Editor
Daily Herald
May 27, 2012
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There is no argument that the Grayslake Village manager, Mike Ellis has done a commendable job, along with all the mayors and trustees who have served our community in managing the village’s finances and maintaining the infrastructure. One does have to question at what price does fiscal stewardship command a total compensation package that may exceed $350,000 per year?

The Daily Herald published an article based on an investigative study of village managers and their compensation packages by “For the Good of Illinois.” According to Mayor Taylor, Mr. Ellis has been a part of Grayslake government for 28 years. In the year 2000, his compensation, salary only, stood at $120,585. In 2011 his salary increased 115 percent to $259,252. The increase amounts to just under 10 percent compounded during that period.

Mayor Rhett Taylor justified that increase due to Mr. Ellis’ 28 years of service and the fact that he works diligently 24/7 and hits all the performance goals set out by the mayor and trustees. Are we to believe that prior to the year 2000, Mr. Ellis was being underpaid and not performing up to standards?

Our elected officials, throughout all levels of local government, whether they be school boards, park boards, library boards and village governance, have a duty to be prudent stewards of the public fisc. Paying a village manager a total compensation package north of $350,000 a year to oversee a population of 20,000 residents would seem to be a luxury, no matter the job performance a village the size of Grayslake cannot really afford.
Steve Sarich, Grayslake

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