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The Big Dogs- Illinois Public Salaries

Today, we just made OpenTheBooks.com even better…  

Now, all federal salaries of Illinois based employees are posted online. Plus, all local, municipal & state salaries and pensions are updated through 2011.

Are they public servants or an elite bureaucracy?  You decide.   *  The average federal employee is paid $80,889 in base salary alone. 60,000 federal employee salaries including post office are now online.

 *  47 managers of our villages and cities out-earn every governor of the 50 states. The highest paid is the village manager of Grayslake at $259,252!    In Palatine, the village manager took a 22% salary cut saving taxpayers $55,000. But, he’s still earning over $200,000.

 *  In 2011, the top municipal paycheck goes to the Village Attorney in Bellwood, $340,000 ($186,400 in 2010).

Other highly compensated bureaucrats include: the Lyons Township School District Treasurer makes $295,703 ($163,700 in 2010). Manage the Champaign County Mass Transit for $280,000 ($216,500 in 2010).

Occupying our state pension systems, private employers like the Illinois Municipal League, Park District Risk Management Agency, & Illinois Association of Park Districts have three of the top eight highest salaries.  You’re on the hook for millions in pensions.

It’s legal corruption.

What will you find at OpenTheBooks.com?

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Bruno Behrend
Executive Director | For The Good of Illinois

Adam Andrzejewski Founder | Past President
Hank Kruse Chairman | For The Good of Illinois

PS  Soon we’ll have nearly “Every Dime” of all public spending from every level of Illinois government…  please help by investing $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 today.

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