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The Books Are Open- Your School Checkbook

$52 Billion in School District Vendor Spending- Online
The Books are Open

Today, we set another Illinois transparency milestone.

We opened the books on $52 billion dollars of school district vendor spending. From 2006 forward, it’s 1.1 million lines of data and you can search it all at OpenTheBooks.com.

Illinois will be reformed by a million mouse clicks and with a thousand eyes on government spending. Now, quickly and privately search all of it.

Open the books on your local school district.  Instantly see how they are spending your property taxes.  Then, please forward this email to your entire address book.

We need you to: 1. Go to Open The Books; 2. Start asking questions; 3. Reign in the waste.

Last week, we identified that 47 school districts spent over $48 million on taxi cab transportation from 2006-11. It sparked national interest.   See our most recent update here.

What will you find?  Let us know.

Start searching today. Visit OpenTheBooks.com.


Bruno Behrend
Executive Director | For The Good of Illinois

Adam Andrzejewski | Founder

Hank Kruse | Chairman

PS. We are a team. We need your help to continue to Open The Books on government spending. Please give $25, $50, $100, $250, or $500 today.

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