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Peoria Journal-Star picks up our idea

It’s time for all Illinois citizens from across the spectrum to drive this issue to the top of the 2013 legislative agenda.

End the Pension Blame Game

7. Listen to Bruce (it’s Bruno, not Bruce, but I’ll take the mistake in exchange for the exposure) Behrend, executive director of For the Good of Illinois, an Illinois not-for-profit focused on government transparency and fiscal responsibility:”Tie any shift of pension responsibility to expanding and strengthening Illinois’ tax cap law. Make the cap apply to all counties, remove all exemptions for debt and new construction, and place every dime of local spending under the cap (inflation rate or 5 percent, whichever is less). If the local district wants more money for new spending, let them go to the citizens to ask for it in an even-year November election.

“The property tax is currently the single largest tax in the state, collecting an estimated $24 billion this year. This is almost double the $13 billion or so hauled in by Illinois’ individual income tax. Skyrocketing property tax bills loom ahead (if pension funding is shoved to individual counties).

“Every $100 of extra cost puts your home out of reach of more potential buyers. Therefore, shifting pension responsibility without a freeze on property taxes will destroy Illinois property values for a generation. The answer is simple. Freeze property taxes first, shift the pensions second and squeeze the fat and excessive debt out of local government.”

Write your own letters to the editor echoing the need for hard tax caps with no exceptions.

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