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Botched Homicide Investigation; Golden Parachute from Attorney General

After a botched indictment of Mayor Daley’s nephew… 

the lead ‘investigator’ ends up with a Chicago police pension; a new job at the Attorney General’s Office; a fat 32% pay hike; total annual income over $140,000;
and the potential to ‘retire’ on a second government pension.”

For The Good of Illinois
December 17, 2012

Watch Chicago Tonight discussing the botched Koschman
homicide investigation led by Chicago Police Detective Ronald Yawger.

The reality is that much of Illinois’ political class is not only above the law, but gets to profit from its mistakes.

For a long time, Mayor Daley’s nephew, Richard Vanecko, was a suspect in the death of David Koschman.  Eight years ago, the Chicago police investigated and there were no indictments.

That changed last week… Special Prosecutor Dan Webb re-investigated and indicted Daley’s nephew for a 2004 punch that resulted in a death.

But what about those responsible for original investigation of the crime?

At the Chicago Police Department, Ronald Yawger supervised the investigation including the witnesses, the “lineup” and the “scratched out” evidence. Video surveillance tapes weren’t “found”. No indictment of Mayor Daley’s nephew.

Why was Yawger even on this high profile case? The Chicago Sun-Times highlighted his questionable background which included a 1984 FBI indictment for “providing security for a cocaine sale”, here.
Shortly thereafter, Ron Yawger took Chicago police retirement on a pension of $64,000 (2007).  Review pension history.

Within weeks, Yawger was immediately “rehired” by Attorney General Lisa Madigan as a “Special Investigator“. The AG started Yawger at a salary of $53,195 (2008).

Three years later, Yawger’s salary was $70,183 (2011). That’s a hefty pay hike of $17,000 or 32%! Review salary history by year.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan had the power to investigate the Daley nephew for homicide; instead, the AG hired the very investigator who had botched the investigation.

Just call it a golden parachute.

Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good of Illinois | CEO

Bruno Behrend
Executive Director

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  1. Comment by Peter Turek on February 4, 2013 at 8:34 pm said:

    Hmm, police officer botches a case, retires shortly there after then is re-hired immediately by Lisa Madigan! Nothing foul here, other than the stench coming from the Madigans!