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The Magical Illinois Checkbook- Statewide Subscriber Email


The Comptroller’s job is to pay the bills. 
And, all people deserve to see the electronic record- the State’s checkbook- of exactly where those dollars are spent.


Responding to our lawsuit, Illinois Comptroller Spokesman Brad Hahn said on Illinois Review, “… there is no ‘magical’ state checkbook to flip through.

The Comptroller’s office can practice semantics all they want. However, the facts are: there are accounts; there are checks written out of the those accounts; and, there are records of those transactions. The public has a right to see each of those transactions.

It’s that simple…

After nine months of stonewalling by the Comptroller’s FOIA apparatus, we had no other option to defend and secure Illinois citizens’ rights to access to public data, For The Good of Illinois v. State of Illinois, Comptroller Judy Baar-Topinka.

Read what the Alton Telegraph’s editorial board thinks in their piece entitled:  “Open Up”.

Read our opinion editorial published in the Rockford Register Star.

We also answered the Comptroller’s weak response with our Guest View in the Daily Herald. 

The Illinois Channel broadcast our press conference to 1.8 million subscribers;  WICS- ABC20 Springfield broadcast news; WREX- NBC Rockford broadcast news; the Jim Fischer Program- WOC (Quad Cities); America’s Morning News– Washington D.C.;  Cities 92.9 WRPW– Bloomington, the Robert Rees Show;  AM930 WTAD News Talk-Quincy, the Morning Meeting;  Talk 101 WZUS-Decatur, the Tara Nicholson Show;  and 97.9 WXEF– Effingham.

Here’s what the electronic checkbook of the City of Chicago looks like:

Chicago understands the Freedom of Information Act, as they sent us 6.8 million checks for $74 billion in spending over 10 years.

We asked the Illinois Comptroller for one year of line-by-line transactions.

There is nothing “magic” about providing the public with data. It shouldn’t take a lawsuit to get it.

Adam Andrzejewski

For The Good of Illinois | CEO

Bruno Behrend

Executive Director

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