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Forcing Open The State Checkbook- Details of our Lawsuit Complaint

“The Comptroller refused to show citizens the state checkbook
and the Attorney General refused to do anything about it.”

For The Good of Illinois, Inc
State of Illinois, Office of Comptroller 
Read the lawsuit complaint here

At today’s Capitol press conference, we are unveiling the details of our lawsuit. Read press release here.

We filed the lawsuit because the Comptroller is obligated to obey the Freedom of Information law and the Attorney General is obligated to enforce the law.

We’ve had enough of the shell game of Illinois public finances. All the gory details are contained in the checkbook- individual transactions from agencies, departments, and fund accounts with purchase order numbers and vendor codes, containing specific dates and amounts of payment.

Show us the money.

Comptroller Topinka asserts that three days of work is an “undue burden“, read response here. Come-on. She has 305 employees with a total payroll of $14.5 million! (source: openthebooks.com)

Is the Comptroller really going to argue that her office is that lazy or disorganized? Or, is it just the fox guarding the henhouse?

Is the Attorney General going to defend the Comptroller’s unlawful assertion?

Eight months ago, we asked Attorney General Lisa Madigan for help and initially she opened a case saying “… further inquiry is warranted“. After a few perfunctory phone calls and emails, it’s been five months of silence.

Comptroller Topinka is the only public official to reject our request and we only asked for one year of spending. Most delivered between six and ten years…

  • City of Chicago provided 6.8 million checks for $74 billion spent since 2001;
  • All Illinois Colleges & Universities provided 6.8 million checks for $69 billion since 2004;
  • All 870 school districts provided $52 billion in spending since 2006;
  • Federal Government provided 52 million lines for $31.4 trillion in spending since      2000! 

And, of course, we’ve already posted 1 million salaries and pensions from every level of Illinois government at www.openthebooks.com and our iAPP Openthebooks.

 Adam Andrzejewski

Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good of Illinois | CEO

Bruno Behrend
Executive Director

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Jack Roeser founder of Family Taxpayer Foundation and Renaissance PAC stepped up with generous personal support, thank you Jack. Won’t you help us too?

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