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Federal Spending Exposed, 12 Years of United States Government Spending- Subscriber Email

This may be the smartest thing smart phones have produced yet.”

Teresa Mull, American Spectator 
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Let’s put 10 million eyes on government spending…

I’ve said repeatedlytransparency at the line item level is essential to any honest discussion of government spending.

Here’s what we’ve found: It’s a massive money flow from Washington, D.C. into every zip code across the country. Now, you can see it all from your smart phone, iPad or mobile device.

What will you find in your backyard?
Until this point, we’ve had to vent blindly- now, we have detailed, specific information on the unique transactions of federal spending.
Since all politics is local, we display the spending in your zip code or any zip code across the country. Contained within our searchable spending database is 120 million lines of unique transactions.
Our application “hyper-localizes” the fed’s checkbook spending, including contracts, loans, grants, direct payments, insurance payments, farm subsidies, and five years of federal salaries.

Two ways to start searchingapple and android mobile app plus our website atwww.openthebooks.com.

You can’t complain about Washington DC if you don’t take the time to review the spending in your hometown.

Forward this email to your friends.  Please tell us what you discover!

  Adam Andrzejewski
 For The Good of Illinois | CEO

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