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Andrzejewski’s Hat Not in any Campaign Ring by Kankakee Daily Journal- Says Transparency work is of National Importance


Former Herscher resident and one-time candidate for governor Adam Andrzejewski announced this week he will definitely not be seeking public office in 2014.

Andrzejewski, who lives in Hinsdale, recently made headlines across the nation when he launched an online searchable database that opened the federal government’s checkbook register to public scrutiny. He previously had spearheaded the effort to release all state of Illinois spending records.

“After consulting with supporters, donors, advisers and my family, I have decided not to run for office in the 2014 election cycle,” Andrzejewski said at a Chicago news conference.

In a message to The Daily Journal, he explained “growing up in Herscher, I learned the importance of commitment.” And he added he is fully committed to his work in government transparency.

“Our transparency work is of state and national importance,” he said. “It’s more important to continue our policy work than to run for office.”

Regarding his exposure of federal government spending, Andrzejewski noted The Daily Journal’s recent story of more than $8 million in Pell Grants going to a local beauty school is gaining national attention.

“Your story … is going to everywhere, and my guess is that it will be picked up by the national blogs soon,” he said. “As someone who received federal Pell monies to go to college, I’m very disappointed in the program.”

Andrzejewski promised to continue to put “every dime, online, in real time” through the Open the Books platform.

“We are a national leader in pioneering online transparency of government spending. We have been effective at exposing corrupt practices, and we have assisted in getting good candidates elected to office,” Andrzejewski said.

“Our platform of expanded transparency, forensic audits and freezing property taxes is [a step toward solving] the long-term problems of the state.”

Andrzejewski’s organization, For the Good of Illinois, recently posted 12 years of the federal checkbook online at openthebooks.com. They also launched a program to bring those records to smartphones.

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