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“Work is Beyond Partisan Labels”, Press Conference Video- Andrzejewski will not run for office in 2014

See the video here.

For the Good of Illinois Founder & CEO Adam Andrzejewski announced yesterday at The University Club of Chicago that he would not seek public office in 2014.  He based his decision in part on the nationally leading transparency work of www.openthebooks.com and For the Good of Illinois.

The press conference video runs 8 minutes and is a full recap of our significant work product of the past three years.

“Our work at For The Good of Illinois is substantial- and our job isn’t done!” March 19, 2013

 Today, I announced that I am staying on as CEO of For The Good of Illinois and will not seek public office in 2014.

After consulting with supporters, donors, advisors, and my family, I have decided not to run for office in the 2014 election cycle. 

Now, we are free to pursue transparency & accountability reforms on a non-partisan basis. We will continue to put “every dime, online, in real time” through the Open the Books platform; advocate for aggressive auditing of government agencies; and, when necessary, pursue legal action to expand transparency.

We have been effective at exposing corrupt practices. This will continue…

Our platform of real solutions – expanded transparency, forensic audits, and freezing property taxes – is robust. These policies, along with other necessary reforms, begin to solve the long-term problems of the state.

Together, we are a national leader in pioneering online transparency of Government spending. Our first-to-market mobile app which hyper-localizes twelve years of United States Government checkbook spending to your zip code- is a game changer with national implications.  Stay tuned for more….

My Conclusion: Illinois requires aggressive reforms, and after balancing the pros and cons of each approach, I decided I will have a more positive impact outside of an elected position.

Thank you to all who have supported our work. 

We have much to do.

Adam Andrzejewski For The Good of Illinois | CEO Est. 2007

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