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We Are… On The Move: Details of our May 6th Open House Event

“The ‘Good Machine’ has a New Home”
JT Burr Ridge Office Complex
I-55 & County Line Road,
200 S. Frontage Road, Burr Ridge


On Monday, May 6th, we are hosting an “Open House” Event in our new office space. Meet & Greet starts at 6:15pm with the speaking program beginning at 7pm. Download all details here.

Celebrate the success of For The Good of Illinois and our nationally leading transparency project, Open The Books. Learn why American Spectator wrote, “this may be the smartest thing a smart phone has produced yet.”

Renew your spirit: meet some of the most impactful activists in Illinois. Hear how they are using the Freedom of Information Act and Open The Books to drive out public corruption.

Help recognize the winner of our “A Good Deed” 2012 Contest: this couple sacrificed to help our deployed soldiers in combat. Let’s show our support. Learn more here.

Meet our core team: our Board of Directors, Board Advisors, and strongest supporters.

Influence the serious candidates for Governor of Illinois.  It’s your turn… to exert some sway.

We are here… For The Good of Illinois!

Some people have lost faith that Illinois can have a gainful future. Nonsense. Let’s do something about it.

Please return this email as your RSVP. We’ll pre-print your name tag.

Adam Andrzejewski
founder, OpenTheBooks.com

P.S. Our organization relies on you, please help by donating today, Click here.

Search “Every Dime.Online.” transparency at www.OpenTheBooks.com or download in The App Store or the Google Play Store.

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