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Where Big Government Hides, Subscriber Email April 15, 2013

“…to release the records requested would take an extremely time consuming effort
three days.”

Comptroller Topinka- Attorney General Lisa Madigan
Court filings  |  March 26, 2013


To The Comptroller: Open Up
read editorial here
Alton Telegraph, January 8, 2013  

Today, your taxes are due. But, the books are closed in Illinois.

The two biggest names in Illinois politics- Republican Comptroller Judy Baar-Topinka & Democratic Attorney General Lisa Madigan– are in court spending tens of thousands of your money to try to prevent you from seeing “their” spending.

In January, we filed a lawsuit to compel them to produce one year of state checkbook spending. Topinka claims that three days of work is an “undue burden“. Attorney General Lisa Madigan is defending the Comptroller.

To make such a claim, the government must show the “burden” exceeds the public interest. In Illinois, that is just impossible- our last two governors went to jail.

 On January 27th, the Chicago Tribune editorialized that their excuse is a “much abused loophole”. Read editorial here

For The Good of Illinois v. State of Illinois, Comptroller: Complaint

Comptroller Topinka-AG Madigan: Motion To Dismiss

For The Good of Illinois: Response in Opposition to Motion To Dismiss

For The Good of Illinois:  Motion for Relief

As you read the court filings, please note the use of the vigorous and robust rhetoric used to try and keep the government spending private. “They” really don’t want you to see all the gory details.

Today April 15th at noon, join me at the Chicago Tax Day rally in Daley Plaza, Chicago. Here’s our message to both parties, “Open The Books!

Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good of Illinois | CEO
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