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Prosecutors allege that Healy stole $1.5 million over 20 years
Lyons Township School Treasurer Indicted 
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August 15, 2013

May 2012: Robert Healy’s Salary Spike
showcased in our BIG DOGS REPORT 2012, click here.

Pictures Tell a Thousand Words  
Our graph kicked off the investigation….
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May, 2012

Open The Books transparency leads to powerful accountability…

Here’s how it happened: The citizens started asking questions; the Board President resigned (June 2012); the BGA investigated; an independent law firm was hired to investigate; Treasurer Healy resigned on (August 2012). Now, prosecutors issue indictment.

What’s hiding in your backyard?

Ron Rybolt wrote letter to the editor on sham IDOT employee evaluations and raises, read in the Decatur Herald & Review, here.

August 17th: The Edgar County WatchDogs provided evidence of a $1 million loss in the Ford-Iroquois home health program. The Public Health Dept voted to terminate the program, here.

In Madison County, Treasurer Kurt Prenzler “blew the whistle” on unethical “tax sales” of property, the former county treasurer pled guilty and will be sentenced, here.

In Rock Island County, the annual taxpayer cost to fund the County Board Chairman’s future pension was higher than his active salary, here.

July 31st: With evidence supplied by The Edgar County Watchdogs, the Ford County Health Administrator was “bought out” of his contract by board vote. Click here. 

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