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Statement on Governor Pat Quinn’s Outsourcing of Illinois-based jobs

“At openthebooks.com, we will release more documents relating to the $71.4 million Cognizant contract with IL Health & Family Services later this week. Cognizant is a Top 7 nationally leading outsourcing firm proud of their track record.

Job listings from Cognizant clearly show that H-1B visa workers in India are being recruited. Once hired, the listings also show that many recruits would also work from facilities in India.  Either the Quinn administration is naively unaware of their vendor behavior or they are engaged in a cover-up.

Read Illinois Department of Health & Family Services statement: http://www.wandtv.com/story/23362080/department-of-healthcare

Interestingly, HFS did not deny that Cognizant can hire H-1B contractors for the Illinois work. HFS only pointed to contract language containing a work performance “location” clause- in Springfield, IL and Lansing, MI.”

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