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Subsciber Email: The John Stossel Show Surprise

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“Can innovation stop America’s politicians from spending us broke?”    
“Innovation Nation”- John Stossel Special

  “OpenTheBooks.com, founder & CEO Adam Andrzejewski
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At OpenTheBooks.com, over 400,000 questions were asked and answered after the Stossel Show! Tens of thousands of users rendered hundreds of thousands of questions against 300 million lines of government spending on our web portal and mobile application.

Please register on our website or download our Open The Books mobile app here. Aggressive financial transparency of government spending will usher in a new era of citizen driven accountability.

What are you finding in your hometown or ZIP code? Here are just three examples of what we’ve compiled:

Our mission is to post “every dime” taxed and spent at every level of government across the country. Our goal for the next year is to triple the amount of data available while adding additional functionality to the website and mobile app.

Stay tuned for more cool stuff from OpenTheBooks.com. Please help us build the data and enhance our technologies.  Let us know what you are finding!


Founder, Open The Books

P.S. We need your help. Please invest in our work by donating $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 today.

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