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 A Tale of Questionable Dealings & Taxpayer Risk

The National Review
September 18, 2013


Nine months ago, we started an intense investigation of ObamaCare implementation in Illinois. 

Today, it’s rocking the nation’s capital…

National Review investigative journalist Jillian Kay Melchior goes deep and exposes the gory details of Illinois’s Medicaid Scandal. Read the investigation here.

Illinois is laughing at procurement law; and, the feds are approving the no-bid deals. The Presidents home state gets an ObamaCare exemption- from the contract procurement process!

In August, the FOX News Channel broke our story, The Chicago Way: Illinois Officials Under Fire for ObamaCare Contracts.

Information tech contracts worth billions of tax dollars are wrapped inside ObamaCare. Federal taxpayers are paying 90% to upgrade states Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS). At a minimum these contracts should be competitively bid and transparent.

Over nine months, our research took 6 volunteers and many state employees willing to blow the whistle. We collected 1,000’s of documents.

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