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What Gov. Quinn Didn’t Tell You

“Yes, Illinois is doing well…
Our #1 manufactured product is corruption.”

what Gov. Quinn didn’t tell you
tate of State Address
January 29, 2014

Word cloud of State of State Address (what we heard) 

Yesterday, Gov. Quinn gave another “State of the State.” Here’s the rest of the story:

Quarter Billion Dollars in No-Bid Contracts. The Quinn administration has let 850 no-bid contracts for $259 million using “inter-governmental agreements”- a loophole in Illinois procurement law. It’s a mine field of insiders.

Read more here– the largest project in state history (outside of road construction), the upgrade of the Illinois Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), used an inter-governmental agreement with Michigan to insure no competitive bidding on up to $190 million in contracts.

Attorney General Can’t Find Public Corruption Anywhere

Since 2002, AG Lisa Madigan has prosecuted 14 cases for public corruption– half for DUI and she lost half of those.  In 12 years, she’s prosecuted two (2) cases of real fraud. Illinois has over 750,000 public employees.

$1 Million City Manager
In three years, the total taxpayer cost of Joliet’s “manager” exceeded $1 million. Thomas Thanas 2013 salary alone was $353,957– then you have to add his perquisites.

“Bus Manager” Salary Spikes from $90,000 to $356,353
In the Champaign Urbana Mass Transit District, Mark Langdon was able to quadruple his pay in just one year. His boss tripled his pay in ten years.

The ratio of corruption to production is forcing business out of Illinois. Illinois is now a net outward migration state.

Where are the Republicans?  They’re manufacturing corruptions too. In rock ribbed red DuPage County, the community college president now makes $469,365 per year and suburban city councilmen now collect a lifetime pension for their part-time “public service.”

The last “successful” Republican governor Jim Edgar double dips over $320,000 in gov pension and a “professor” salary at the University of Illinois. 

What Quinn didn’t tell you is that regular citizens are giving Illinois a future…

In 2013, the Edgar County Watchdogs & allies are credited with firings/resignations of 38 public officials or elected officials from their positions.

We sued Republican Comptroller Judy Baar-Topinka to open the books on the Illinois checkbook. Now, all line-by-line spending since 2005 will soon be online.



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