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$232 Million Isn’t Enough at College of DuPage



College of DuPage (COD) is a community college in Northern Illinois. It’s a spending and taxing machine…   

QUESTION: “Whose home is worth more today than in 2008- at the height of the DuPage County real estate market?” ANSWER:  NONE  FACT: Since 2008, College of DuPage hiked property taxes by 59% while home values declined. 

QUESTION: “Who believes that a community college president- anywhere in Illinois- should cost taxpayers $500,000 per year?” ANSWER: NONE
FACT: COD President Robert Breuder costs us nearly $500,000 yearly.

I asked 50 citizens for their feedback while attending the COD budget meeting during my 3 minute public comment, then I turned to the board:

Freeze Property Taxes, Freeze Student Tuition
Watch my public comment at College of DuPage
May 22, 2014

They’re doing it again at the College of DuPage.  With $232 million in the bank, they are hiking property taxes and raising tuition on the hard working students.

No kidding, the College of DuPage has $232,000,000 in the bank.  But, it’s not enough. $160 million is “encumbered”-meaning, they are spending it. Left over is $72 million and that’s enough for either free tuition for every student or a full rebate of property taxes. 

COD is cash rich, so I used public comment at the budget meeting to ask them to freeze property taxes and freeze student tuition.  That’s very reasonable… just don’t hike taxes and tuition.

They’re not listening; they are spending.  Under Dr. Breuder’s leadership, since 2009, College of DuPage has spent $550 million on building construction.  That’s more than Notre Dame has spent-and ND is building everywhere in South Bend, Ind.

Stay tuned- the College of DuPage is a statewide story. Soon, you’ll find out why…

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1 Response to "$232 Million Isn’t Enough at College of DuPage"

  1. Comment by Walt Bruun on August 25, 2014 at 1:36 am said:

    Has anyone investigated how the bids for the unrestrained and often unnecessary construction projects are awarded, and if anyone on the board (or their close relations) have any ties to the companies that get the contracts? One of the projects that really disgusts me (and was totally unnecessary) is the remodeling of the Natatorium (pool facility), they removed the diving well! COD used to have a great swim team, even winning a national championship, now there is no swim team there & probably will never be in the future because they will be unable to host a meet without having a diving well. I used to attend COD & was on the swim team under Coach Zamsky (after whom the remodeled Natatorium was named), the quality of instruction in all the classes I took was at least equal to and even better than what I received at the University of Illinois @ Chicago, and Coach Zamsky was easily the best coach I ever had. My wife recently took classes at COD and I was shocked at how high the tuition was, this is supposed to be a college for the community and tuition should be within reach of most of the people who reside here, when I attended the tuition for a full time student for one quarter was about $150.00, now it’s more than 10 times that amount! Thank you for exposing the corruption in our local government.