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Watchdogs Arrest Illinois Park Board

Last night, NBC5- Chicago TV showcased the Citizen Arrest
of the Clark County Park Board  by John Kraft and Kirk Allen.
Watch the outstanding investigative report here

IL Open Meetings Act violations are criminal offenses.
Any person shall be permitted an opportunity to address public officials under the rules established and recorded by the public body.”
Illinois Open Meetings Act

“Citizen Arrest of Clark County Park District by Edgar County Watchdogs”
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 

Public corruption is the #1 manufactured product in Illinois.  Attorney General Lisa Madigan can’t find it anywhere and neither can the 102 county states attorneys.  So, Illinois allows for citizens to enforce arrests if they are a witness to a public crime.  

In May, the Edgar County WatchDogs and 30 citizens were prepared to give public comment and were denied the opportunity.  So, John Kraft and Kirk Allen executed a citizen’s arrest-of the entire park board!   

Mike Flynn, Editor of Breitbart.com covered this event in the immediately preceding days.  Last night, Phil Rogers investigative reporter at NBC5- Chicago and the Better Government Association did a terrific investigative piece.

Forcing out 50 Elected/Public Officials The Edgar County WatchDogs are the most effective grassroots good government group in the country. Over the past 24 months, using a model of open data, specific questions, and the engagement of 30-50 active local citizens, the Watchdogs forced out upwards of 50 elected and public officials.

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