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Subscriber Special: Pressure Builds at College of DuPage

The president’s actions have reached the tipping point that challenges future plans for COD, We at the College of DuPage have had our institutional integrity damaged.”
Glenn Hansen, president of the College of DuPage Faculty Assoc.

“I have ‘No Confidence’ in COD President Breuder. It’s a rare but very refreshing moment when Labor leadership and Tea Party leadership are on the same side.”
Denise Cattoni, DuPage resident & Founder, Illinois Tea Party   

Daily Herald Newspaper | Front Page 
Tense COD Meeting | July 18, 2014
Read Daily Herald article here 

In June, we exposed the email whereby COD President Robert Breuder outlined his political strategy to support Governor Quinn and procure a $20 million state grant. 

The unethical scheme was stopped. But, our work continues.

The ongoing story has received top coverage: three days on the front page of the Daily Herald, and lead editorial in the Chicago Tribune. Read yesterdays pieces from the Suburban Life News, and Chicago Tribune.

Columnist Jim Dey at the Champaign News-Gazette wrote,“the telltale email barely scratches the surface at COD.”  It’s true...

On Thursday, residents, teachers, and students used public comment to hold the COD President and Board accountable over spending, construction and ethics. Here are the highlights:

– Laura Reigle researched and found COD enrollment is up just 1,530 students since 2008. Hyping this small jump, COD spent $550 million on construction!

– Jerry Vachaparambil delivers a stunning breakdown of Dr. Robert Breuder’s employment contract with annual costs of up to $500,000.

-Mark Kmiecik used data at OpenTheBooks.com and found that just nine COD administrators cost taxpayers and students over $2.5 million annually.

What’s The Matter With COD?
Watch my comments exposing $192,000 on wine and wine accessory purchases; and $25,000 in spending at the private shooting club of Max McGraw’s in Dundee, IL.

Will the COD President resign or be terminated?
In the press, Robert Breuder called our release of his unethical email, a breach of good ethics.”  Really?

Governor Quinn called Breuder’s email tactics “extremely alarming,” and used “misrepresentation.” But, Breuder called the governor’s statementan inflammatory accusation.”

Robert Breuder blames his problems on transparency, telling the Sun-Times, We’ve all learned today not to put anything in writing that you don’t want the public to read.”

Well, there’s actually much more to expose at COD…  

The spending machine culture is deeply ingrained in Illinois. But, we can reform it if we band together. Stay tuned.

For the Good of Illinois   

Founder & Chairman, For The Good of Illinois

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