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Subscriber Special: Ground Zero in Statewide Salary Spike Fight- Hinsdale, IL

Hinsdale Township District 86 Salary Spiking
Exceeded Inflation by 76% since 2001   

Hinsdale D86 Salary Study OpenTheBooks.com
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Reform School Board vs. Union Strike & Intimidation Tactics
A Courageous Battle to Stop Salary Hikes,  Perquisites, & Pension Padding

 Ax Through Car Windshield” Picture
Watch video of union “Laughing Ax” At Board Meeting
Hinsdale Teacher Union Facebook Page | July 31- Aug 4

Farce Becomes Reality

Last night at my own school district in Hinsdale, union members and taxpayers attended and the tensions ran high.  Over the last twelve years, district employees have been showered with salary spiking, many perquisites and pension padding benefits.


* 213 Hinsdale D86 employees earn over $100,000 per year.

* Out of nearly 900 school districts, Hinsdale D86 pays the 2nd most.

* Hinsdale D86 pays an average of $111,000 (current) in salary PLUS perks and pension costs for every educator.

* Hinsdale D86 salaries exceed the average salary at the University of Illinois at Champaign- our state’s flagship school by $10,000 per employee. Click here for NEA salary study (pg19)

Download the Hinsdale Salary Study by OpenTheBooks.com 

Facing union leadership- delivering hard facts

My Public Comment- A Strike is Morally Wrong
Labor Leadership wants even more than the current $40 million for 386 employees and the teachers already voted to strike. It is morally wrong for a public union to strike while holding the students hostage in the classroom.

Union wants a 5.3% Pay Hike; Board is offering 1.7%
The Board isn’t cutting or freezing the salaries, they are increasing salaries. It’s still not enough as the union wants a 5.3% pay spike. Did they forget President Barack Obama froze federal employee salaries for the last three years?

The battle lines are drawn. The new board majority was recently elected on a property tax freeze. They executed on their promise- freezing property taxes.

The union wants to break the property tax freeze to continue spiking salaries, pension and benefits

Veiled Threat of Violence- shameful conduct 
50 Hinsdale employees “liked” the “ax through the windshield” photo on the union Facebook page. The board attorney and administrators immediately contacted labor leadership to get the photo removed. The picture remained posted from Friday- until the school board meeting on Monday. 

Watch the video of teachers laughing at the ax through the windshield pic on union Facebook post during the board meeting.  

On August 12th, negotiations start again. Stay tuned for more.

For the Good of Illinois. 

Founder & Chairman, For The Good of Illinois      

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