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A “Flood” of Support- Thank you

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Over the Christmas Holiday, more than 300 letters, notes, and emails of grassroots support flowed into the Rauner Team regarding my application for the open Comptroller position. 


Governor- elect Bruce Rauner decided to appoint North Shore businesswoman Leslie Munger as the next Illinois Comptroller. It’s a good pick which I support and respect. Here’s what I texted her yesterday morning…

My text this morning to the new IL Comptroller Leslie Munger:
Hi Leslie, Congratulations on Comptroller appt. I personally wish you much success! Time to Shake up Springfield. Again, Best Wishes and Congratulations- Adam Andrzejewski

Thank you for your outpouring of support. The Rauner team described it as a “flood.”

I especially appreciate these notes, because you took time out of your Christmas Holiday. Volunteer Susan Petty, founder of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk, and IL Tea Party Denise Cattoni and many others did much to organize support.  Our teams at For The Good of Illinois and OpenTheBooks.com  work extremely hard and your support steeled our spine for the long road ahead.

Thank you to U.S. Senator Tom Coburn who sent a supportive email to Bruce Rauner.  As Dr. Coburn leaves the Senate, we will work hard to carry his legacy of transparency and aggressive spending oversight.

Thank you to Solidary founder, Nobel Laureate, and Polish President Lech Walesa for his 2010 endorsement and continued friendship. The possible appointment was a leading story in the largest Polish weekly newspaper, Wprost- click here.

Thank you to Deroy Murdock at National Review who wrote an incredible biography piece, Let Andrzejewski Open The Books in Illinois. Please read Murdock’s piece here.

Thank you to Michael Flynn at Breitbart.com for his early piece— Illinois Governor-elect Faces First Test of Leadership, click here.

Thank you to the ten elected members of the General Assembly who backed my application, members of the GOP State Central Committee, GOP County Chairman, IL Tea Party leaders, leaders of center-right persuading organizations, pro-family organizations, prominent business people across Illinois, donors and of course… regular people across our state.

From the bottom of my heart, I deeply appreciate all of you. Thank you.  All of you put your good name next to mine.  It’s a charge that I will not forget.

It’s good news that Rauner picked from the deep well of Illinois business talent and not from politics. All of us have high hopes. We wish Bruce Rauner and his team the best!

Now, let’s get back to work.  All of us have a lot of work to do.

For The Good of Illinois


Adam Andrzejewski

Founder & Chairman, For The Good of Illinois

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