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The Munger Games – ‘Catching Ire’

In Illinois, the politically connected are paid first.
The folks with real needs – but little political power – are paid last if at all.
Forbes Editorial
Last week, we wrote about new IL Comptroller Leslie Munger’s indefensible prioritization of payments in an editorial at Forbes.

Instead of paying the developmentally disabled, the comptroller was paying a connected lobbyist (from her own budget), a self-described political blogger, and directed millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood.

Comptroller Leslie Munger took to Facebook – arguing that “her hands were tied” – a ridiculous argument. The comptroller admits to 36,000 unpaid vouchers, and ‘Who-to-pay’ is prioritized each day.

Illinois Review summarized the Comptroller’s justification here. Michael Flynn, at Breitbart, wrote about the Planned Parenthood payments here.

Furthermore, Munger’s argument  –  essentially, “I don’t have the power” and “It’s not my fault”- was bizarre, as she left the developmentally disabled hanging in the lurch, but paid many others not under court order.

Munger was wrong on the facts, so she argued the process. But, the federal judge didn’t buy it.

  • Sept. 2, U.S. Judge Sharon Coleman ordered a court-monitor for the comptroller. This was after federal orders since June 30th to pay providers of the developmentally disabled. Twice, the comptroller was nearly held in ‘contempt of court.’  Finally, the bills are paid.
Our team is obligated to battle for those who have real needs and lack political clout.

Illinois has an acute need for an independent watchdog. Our team and allies are filling this void.

The Illinois Democratic Party controlled by two Madigans has no reform movement. We will not let this happen to this Illinois conservative moment.

Let’s encourage Comptroller Munger and help her to immediately take positive, impactful, and principled actions. 

For the Good of Illinois
Founder & Chairman, For The Good of Illinois

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