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IL Auditor General Frank Mautino Conceals Public Records

Who’s Auditing the Auditor?
CBS-2 Chicago | January 28, 2016

Some pretty significant questions
Daily Herald Editorial Board | January 28, 2016

From the outside, it has all the earmarks of a kickback scheme –
something that would be sure to draw the attention
of the U.S. attorney’s office in Springfield.
Champaign News-Gazette | February 7, 2016

As It Is: Campaign Expenditures Don’t Add Up
Ottawa Times | February 13, 2016

Click Here to Read the Daily Herald Editorial
Daily Herald Editorial Board | January 28, 2016

New Illinois Auditor Leaves Trail of Questionable Spending
Click here to watch CBS 10PM news segment
CBS-2 Chicago | January 28, 2016

In January, the Edgar County Watchdogs broke this scandal along with my column at Forbes, click here. Six weeks later, new Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino still hasn’t provided answers on the fact pattern.

Mautino did provide a couple very vague ‘answers,’ which the Ottawa Times – Mautino’s hometown newspaper – thoroughly debunked, click here.

The Illinois Board of Elections opened a probe into the very odd campaign spending. Please read the Illinois Times summary, click here.

Here are just a few of the questions being raised:

  • $213,728 in ‘gas’ and ‘vehicle repairs’ at one local service station – Happy’s Super Service Station in Spring Valley, IL – from his campaign fund since 2005.
  • $30,000 in additional state ‘travel’ reimbursements (taxpayer money) for legislative duties and service on audit commission since 2005.
  • $271,417 in state agency payments to family owned Mautino Distribution Company since 2005 – with a spike in annual payments coinciding with promotion into powerful Speaker Madigan’s House Majority leadership team (2009).
  • $33,000 paid to wife’s family’s pizza restaurant on 500 excursions since 1999 from campaign fund.
  • $273,973 paid to a local bank from campaign fund – disclosures show $94,000 in loans and principal payments on $26,000 in disclosed loans and nearly $180,000 more in campaign expenses paid to … the bank!

Read my Daily Herald op-Ed with the details, click here.

Read the Champaign News-Gazette editorial, click here.

Read Better Government Association op-Ed in The State Journal-Register, click here.

Now, Frank Mautino has allegedly violated the Illinois Freedom of Information Act – as the newly appointed Illinois Auditor General – twice concealing six important records from the Edgar County Watchdogs, click here.

What were the important records Mautino didn’t want you to see? An official letter from a dozen State Representatives demanding answers; official Auditor General emails to state representatives; and emails from state representatives to Mautino.

Must Read: http://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2016/02/auditor-general-frank-mautino-conceals-records-violates-foia-twice/ 

What do the Edgar County Watchdogs, OpenTheBooks.com, Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, and Better Government Association, have in common with the The Illinois Times, Daily Herald, Champaign News Gazette, Capitol Fax, Ottawa Times, Madison Record, Illinois Review, and CBS2-Chicago, ABC Channel 20, and Fox News?

We’ve all asked for Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino to answer the troubling ethical and legal questions regarding his campaign fund expenditures.I’ve called on Mautino to resign his position – an Illinois constitutional office with a ten-year term.

Now, Mautino is using his powerful office to conceal public records – records vitally important to the investigation of his behavior.

Frank Mautino is the next Illinois Constitutional Crisis. 

For the Good of Illinois


Founder & Chairman, For The Good of Illinois

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