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Maybe, Governor Rauner’s Best Decision

“This was a case where all of the marbles were going
either to reformers or to the other side.”

Governor Rauner’s administration picks David Olsen for the College of DuPage Board of Trustees. Reform Wins!


Clear, Bold, Independent Leadership
Watch David Olsen’s bold, independent public comment
College of DuPage Board Meeting | August 21, 2014


Daily Herald, by Robert Sanchez | February 14, 2016
After College of DuPage Chairman Kathy Hamilton resigned in December last year, the COD board was paralyzed with a 3-3 tie. It was the old board vs. the new reform board – who swept in the April 2015 election.
Yesterday, the Rauner administration got to break the tie and picked David Olsen.  It couldn’t have been better choice to continue the reform agenda at COD.

Here’s why…

Very early in our reform effort, when we were just getting started, David Olsen stood with us. There were no TV cameras, bright lights, or daily front-page headlines. Nobody knew just how deep the corruption was at COD.

But, we knew it was bad. And, David Olsen was there for reform. This took political courage.

Here’s the story…

In June 2014, I exposed an email strategy from the COD President to the Board to try and procure a $20 state construction grant by delivering political support to then incumbent Governor Pat Quinn. We stopped the grant.

In July 2014, we discovered college payments for the President private shooting club, global satellite phones, and $500,000 employment contract; $192,000 in wine and wine accessories tagged as ‘instructional supplies;’ a world-class wine cellar; upscale French restaurant; $550 million massive construction binge, and much, much more…

In August 2014, we discovered million of hidden “Imprest fund” payments that the trustees didn’t see, only the administrators knew the details.Then, we spearheaded the reversal of the February student tuition hike with a tuition freeze.

By this time, the incumbent Board of Trustees decided to censure Kathy Hamilton for her ‘one-trustee’ reform effort and they moved public comment to the end of the board meeting.

If you wanted to speak, then you had to wait until midnight and after the board voted for the censure.

I waited and spoke. Many people waited. David Olsen waited and spoke.

Olsen was the last speaker that night and he delivered a bold message of reform.

Please Click Here to Watch David Olsen Deliver Public Comment at College of DuPage in August 2014

Congratulations to David Olsen for the appointment to the College of DuPage Board.  

It’s a great choice to continue the reform agenda.


For the Good of Illinois

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