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Gov. Quinn, Open Your Books!

This legislation is the most important of the session,” Patty Bellock, state rep (R-Hinsdale) May 5, 2010.

On June 25, 2010, Governor Pat Quinn signed the Medicaid-Forensic Audit Act (HB5242). The audits would root out fraud, recapture taxpayer dollars, insure the efficacy of payments to doctors and hospitals, and ensure services to our most vulnerable. The measure passed unanimously: IL House, 111-00, IL Senate 59-00.

Senator Kirk Dillard emphasized that the “law … may be the most substantial budget-saving measure of the entire session.”

The Champaign News Gazette holds that “The state is essentially bankrupt. Perhaps it would be instructive to examine the gory details. That’s what a forensic audit can do….”

The audit is great public policy, and yet Governor Quinn’s administration has manipulated a corrupt system while thwarting the express, unanimous will of the state legislature. The administration under Governor Quinn has postponed, stalled, and mollycoddled for 14 months, costing the Illinois taxpayers a potential saving of $1.3 billion dollars, according to FBI and the New York Times.

From the legislation the audit would “uncover such problems as duplicate payments, payments for services not rendered, overpayments, payments for unauthorized services, and fictitious vendors. Effective immediately.”

And yet the Governor’s administration still continues to perpetuate a corrupt system. This spring, Julie Hamos, the Director of Gov. Quinn’s executive agency, the Department of Health and Family Services, indicated to lawmakers that the implementation process had commenced with bids to hire independent accounting firms. Now we learn, she’s waiting at least until November for “federal guidelines.”

Governor Quinn, obey the law. Open your books.

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Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good of Illinois | CEO
August 26, 2011

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