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Hinsdale School District 181 Salary Database

Adam Andrzejewski
CEO | For The Good of Illinois
August 25, 2011

“Opening the Books” is first step to re-build the public trust

Today is “back to school” for my daughter in Hinsdale. However, the teacher union is threatening to strike for more pay, benefits and perks. When I ran for Governor of Illinois, I was the only candidate to run on a platform that included eliminating teacher strikes. A union strike holds children hostage to the “closed door” collective bargaining negotiations.

In the public interest, here is the salary information database of Hinsdale CCSD 181. Publishing this data begins the necessary dialogue and two-way conversation between the citizens, school board and the teachers union within our community.

Our database contains records of 358 certified education employees and administration plus 222 support staff employees in District 181.

As our community debates, we are proactively publishing so that the entire Hinsdale community will have unfettered access to the salary data most relevant to the forthcoming political discussions. This government information should not be “hidden” behind the opacity of government hurdles, rules, regulation, requests, obfuscation and delay.

Every school district in Illinois already electronically compiles this information annually. Schools have the current capability to publish their own information online via their website. They choose not to do this. It would take them about five minutes and no cost.

My father taught in public school for 38 years, his salary was published every year in all the local newspapers. When you work for government, the taxpayers have every right to review the books.

As you pass this data to your friends, neighbors and family, please include the following:

Hinsdale CCSD 181 Teacher and Administrator Salary and Employment Database
Compiled by: For The Good of Illinois from public sources via Freedom of Information Act Requests

CLICK HERE for the transparency database of Hinsdale 181 Teachers and Administrators.
CLICK HERE for the transparency database of Hinsdale 181 Staff Employees

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  1. Comment by Liz on May 31, 2012 at 1:44 am said:

    120K salary to be an elementary school teacher. No wonder those hinsdale people can afford those expensive houses. Can I sue to get my state income tax money back?