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State Level Pension Corruption

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As the Chicago Tribune exposé of sweetheart union access to City pensions became a national story, we have the only publicly accessible City of Chicago retirement database. Choose RETIREMENT and CITY OF CHICAGO from the two dropdown search boxes on the homepage, then click twice on MONTHLY ANNUITY AMOUNT (orders from most to least).

Union Chief, Dennis Gannon has the top city pension of the last ten years. Retiring in 2004, Gannon worked one day for the city and has a monthly pension of $13,583. He has already collected over $1 million.

If our portal was up five years ago, three years ago, or last year, the sunlight would have made insider union pensions impossible! In Illinois, transparency is the foundation for good government.

On September 6th, we exposed that the unions also have insider access at the state level. Read the post, here. Listen to my interview with Big John & Amy on WIND 560AM Chicago, here.

The second highest teacher pension in teacher retirement history ($20,200/month) went to the President of the National Education Association (NEA), Washington DC. His Illinois government pension was predicated on his out-of-state union pay and not his earnings as an elementary school teacher from Harvey. For his earnings, contributions and monthly annuity, click here.

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