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Hike Your Taxes, To Lower Your Taxes?

Guest Commentary
by Sarah Daniels
April 4, 2011

Editors Note:
This letter first appeared in Madison County newspapers on April 1st. This is the best 150 words that we’ve seen on the 1% sales tax for schools. Please read and vote NO New School Taxes.

Letter to the Editor
April 1, 2011

Dear Editor Brannan,

Let me raise your taxes in order that I may lower your taxes. WOW! What a deal.

What is this a “April Fools” joke?

Sounds more like a quarterback sneak to get a permanent tax increase slid through before taxpayers even know what hit them. For a long time in Madison County sneaky politicians “could” slide a permanent tax increase through and no one would even know the difference. But, things are changing in Madison County. Taxpayers are awake and they are now paying attention.

This 1% Tax hike proposal is a forever tax that will NOT reduces your property taxes… only a promise that a school board “may” reduce property taxes. Voters can never repeal it. Voters can authorize the tax, but have NO authority to repeal it even if they later see wasteful spending. Voters will no longer have a say in the purchase or construction of any school facility. Over $20,000,000 a year of our money will be spent and Madison County Taxpayers will have no control over how the school boards spend this tax increase.

This tax has nothing to do with educating our children.

And who is financing this endeavor? Out of state contractors, architects and financial companies, all of who specialize in school design, construction or financing are the major contributors. Just check out the State Board of Elections Website and follow the money, you will soon figure it out.

I am highly suspicious that this is a “stealth” campaign to raise our taxes on an off election year. And, I believe that this referendum was intentionally placed on this April 5th ballot counting on a low 20% voter turnout. It is wrong to have a small percent of taxpayers vote on such an important referendum.

Go in masses on Tuesday to vote “NO” New School Taxes.

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  1. Comment by Random Web Surfer on April 6, 2011 at 9:53 am said:

    Sarah’s right! WHAT A DEAL