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IL Auditor General Frank Mautino Conceals Public Records

Who’s Auditing the Auditor? CBS-2 Chicago | January 28, 2016 Some pretty significant questions Daily Herald Editorial Board | January 28, […]

Botched Homicide Investigation; Golden Parachute from Attorney General

After a botched indictment of Mayor Daley’s nephew…  “the lead ‘investigator’ ends up with a Chicago police pension; a new […]

Another Day, Another Scandal

The management at NIU (Northern Illinois University) have another headache. It seems that 9 of their employees have been selling […]

Public Pensions and Generational Theft – A 3 Part Series

Part 1 – Understanding Public Pensions If you are under 40, you should stop reading this, stop planning to buy […]

Give Property Tax Payers the Power to Cut Levies

This group in Ohio is hopping mad at bad school district management (is there any other kind?). They placed a […]

A Note About Auditing Government Agencies

The Houston City Council just voted to audit the Houston pension system. Audit of pension systems will cost Houston $395,000 […]

The Power of Transparency- Identifying $48 million in taxi rides

Our goal at OpenTheBooks.com is to empower citizens through spending transparency so they can start asking tough, fact-based questions. With […]

So Much for Lame Auditing… Dixon and $30 Million

“If there’s hanky-panky with the city’s money, you’d think these people are going to find it out,” he said. “We’re […]