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A “Flood” of Support- Thank you

Over the Christmas Holiday, more than 300 letters, notes, and emails of grassroots support flowed into the Rauner Team regarding […]

Daily Herald- Guest View, Comptroller Topinka Misunderstands Illinois Freedom of Information (FOIA) Law

by Adam Andrzejewski CEO, nonprofit For The Good of Illinois January 9, 2013 Read original editorial here:  http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20130114/discuss/701149971/ Illinois Comptroller […]

Rockford Register Star- Opinion Editorial, “Trying To Force Open The State’s Checkbook” by Adam Andrzejewski, CEO For The Good of Illinois

Read the original here:  http://www.rrstar.com/opinions/columnists/x1353234040/Guest-Column-Trying-to-force-open-the-states-checkbook Nine months ago, our organization, For the Good of Illinois, filed a Freedom of Information […]

Illinois Channel: Springfield Press Conference detailing For The Good of Illinois v. State of Illinois, Comptroller January 8th, 2013

CLICK HERE to watch Illinois Channel coverage of our entire press conference Nine months ago we filed a Freedom of […]

National News Coverage- America’s Morning News: Illinois Comptroller Sued for State Checkbook

Click here to hear Adam Andrzejewski, CEO nonprofit For The Good of Illinois nationally broadcast radio interview. Early on Wednesday morning, […]

Case Example: Why is the State Checkbook Important?

After Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka rejected our request for one year of the state checkbook, we asked the Attorney General’s […]

Press Release: Forcing Open The State Checkbook- Press Conference

                      www.forthegoodofillinois.org  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    January 8, 2013 Contact: William Bernardoni, […]

Bruno Behrend Interviews with Jeff Berkowitz on Public Affairs Show

A few weeks ago I taped an interview with Jeff Berkowitz of Public Affairs. The video is below.   While […]

Another Day, Another Scandal

The management at NIU (Northern Illinois University) have another headache. It seems that 9 of their employees have been selling […]

Public Pensions and Generational Theft – A 3 Part Series

Part 1 – Understanding Public Pensions If you are under 40, you should stop reading this, stop planning to buy […]

Give Property Tax Payers the Power to Cut Levies

This group in Ohio is hopping mad at bad school district management (is there any other kind?). They placed a […]

Property Tax Cap First, Pension Shift Second

August 12, 2012 By Bruno Behrend Chicago Tribune Opinion   Illinois public policy has become such a Gordian knot that […]

I predicted this years ago

Back before I re-entered working in the policy and political domain, I was discussing how the growth of unsustainable pension […]

POP a CAP on that TAX!

One of the big items of discussion in Illinois right now is the move to shift the responsibility for school […]

A Note About Auditing Government Agencies

The Houston City Council just voted to audit the Houston pension system. Audit of pension systems will cost Houston $395,000 […]