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Taxes for Taxis Exposure Results in Policy Changes

Here is how For the Good of Illinois, and our OpenTheBooks.com website saves taxpayers money. At least 3 out of […]

Tribune and Dennis Byrne tout “Open the Books”

Dennis Byrne wrote an insightful piece on wasteful suburban spending. He seems to have the same insight that we do […]

Walter Russel Mead imitates For the Good of Illinois

Today, one the nation’s best known center-right bloggers and essayists posted the following; Time to Occupy State Pensions? It lays […]

Daily Herald Covers Taxes for Taxis

Sunday’s Daily Herald covered the $48 million cab fare controversy that For the Good of Illinois highlighted a few weeks […]

It’s Like Bruno Says…

As we here at For the Good of Illinois build out our OpenTheBooks website, we come across all kinds of […]

Local Government – Putting the “Statist” in Statistics

A few days ago, we showcased 13 City Managers who were taking in over $200K/year “managing” their suburban fiefdoms. The […]

Daily Herald Covers City Manager Pay

Our “Big Dogs” email blast prompted an article by the Daily Herald. Group questions Grayslake manager’s $259,000-plus salary in 2011 […]

The Big Dogs’ High-Fat Diet

A few days ago, we sent out an email blast detailing the extremely high compensation of some village Managers in […]

Judy Baar Topinka flatters For the Good of Illinois

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so you can imagine how flattered we are that Comptroller […]

Illinois Budget Blues Continue…

Editor Note: In a For The Good of Illinois subscriber email on November 4, 2011, we forecast “The Next Income […]

Is There Really a Lack of Funding in Education? The Books are Open.

Guest Commentary By Cedra Crenshaw October 3, 2011 Thanks to For the Good of Illinois’s Open the Books Portal at […]

Tax hike not enough Illinois Statehouse News, Report

AUDIO is embedded at the “click here” link below. SPRINGFIELD — Adam Andrzejewski says he’s not surprised by a new […]

State Level Pension Corruption

“We’ll shine the light. You’ll bring the heat.” Please register and start searching at openthebooks.com. You’re ready for reform. Over […]

Website offers good news in open government

Jerry Moore: Website offers good news in open government Western suburbs — From December 2009 through January 2010, Adam Andrzejewski’s […]

Gov. Quinn, Open Your Books!

“This legislation is the most important of the session,” Patty Bellock, state rep (R-Hinsdale) May 5, 2010. On June 25, […]