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A “Flood” of Support- Thank you

Over the Christmas Holiday, more than 300 letters, notes, and emails of grassroots support flowed into the Rauner Team regarding […]

The cost of public unions

Absent the cost of volatile food and energy crises, we are told that inflation in the US is under control. […]

Give Property Tax Payers the Power to Cut Levies

This group in Ohio is hopping mad at bad school district management (is there any other kind?). They placed a […]

POP a CAP on that TAX!

One of the big items of discussion in Illinois right now is the move to shift the responsibility for school […]

Taxes for Taxis Exposure Results in Policy Changes

Here is how For the Good of Illinois, and our OpenTheBooks.com website saves taxpayers money. At least 3 out of […]

Walter Russel Mead imitates For the Good of Illinois

Today, one the nation’s best known center-right bloggers and essayists posted the following; Time to Occupy State Pensions? It lays […]

We must stop Pension Abuse and Corruptions- Sunday Op-Ed

Recently, a scandal has come to light about the misuse of taxpayer dollars involving some of Chicago’s political bosses and […]

Tax hike not enough Illinois Statehouse News, Report

AUDIO is embedded at the “click here” link below. SPRINGFIELD — Adam Andrzejewski says he’s not surprised by a new […]

High Cost of Government — online in real time. Champaign News- Gazette

Champaign News-Gazette Jim Dey September 17, 2011 Follow the money. That was the battle cry of investigative reporters trying to […]

Hinsdale School District 181 Salary Database

Adam Andrzejewski CEO | For The Good of Illinois August 25, 2011 “Opening the Books” is first step to re-build […]

Inconvenient Illinois Facts

From the Archives November, 2007 Re-posted July 14, 2011 We lead the country in juvenile violent crime.  Illinois students have […]

Joliet’s $43 Million Bridge to Pizza Hut

Guest Commentary by Mark Batinick May 16, 2011 About two and a half years ago, I decided to start paying […]

Schaumburg Hiding $17 million Sick Time Liability?

Village of Schaumburg Attempts to Hide $17 Million in Accrued Village Sick Time Liability (Palatine, Illinois) – The Village of […]

Can You Handle the Pension Truth?

Subscriber Email by Adam Andrzejewski May 10, 2011 “I want the truth.” “You can’t handle the truth.” A Few Good […]

FOX Chicago Sunday- Adam Andrzejewski

FOX Chicago News- One of the state’s leading reformers said when it comes to spending, the party’s over in Illinois. […]