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Illinois Budget Blues Continue…

Editor Note: In a For The Good of Illinois subscriber email on November 4, 2011, we forecast “The Next Income […]

Pension Benefit Is A Taxpayer Rip-off, Decatur Herald & Review Sunday Editorial

By the Decatur H&R Editorial Staff Herald-Review.com Most Illinois residents don’t need another example to prove that the powerful in […]

Is Pension Proposal Political Poison? Champaign News-Gazette

It was the dog’s failure to bark in the night that provided a crucial clue in “Silver Blaze,” one of […]

Eye on state keeps it in check, Decatur Herald & Review Editorial

Mention the words “open government” or “transparency” and the eyes of a lot of readers glaze over. But the pension […]

Union Leaders Draining Teacher Pensions- $47 million

Last month, the Chicago Tribune broke the story of a union leader who was re-hired for one day at the […]

Union Leaders Pull Down Millions in Public Pensions

Illinois Statehouse News SPRINGFIELD — Illinois taxpayers are on the hook to make sure union officials’ six-figure pensions keep flowing […]

Tax hike not enough Illinois Statehouse News, Report

AUDIO is embedded at the “click here” link below. SPRINGFIELD — Adam Andrzejewski says he’s not surprised by a new […]

Sharp Lens Put on State Pensions- Daily Journal, Kankakee

For a screen shot of the front page article, click here. “I think I made about 970,000 enemies in the […]

Website offers good news in open government

Jerry Moore: Website offers good news in open government Western suburbs — From December 2009 through January 2010, Adam Andrzejewski’s […]

Insider Access to State Pension Systems

Title: Illinois’ Billionaire Bureaucrat Club- Q & A “This isn’t a red issue or a blue issue… only green.” Last […]

Illinois Labor Director Fired

Editors Note: We have been following this story since it became public. Please review the Guest Commentary post here. IDOL […]

Illusion of Pension Savings

Note: Rep. Dwight Kay submitted legislation (HR31) requiring an immediate discovery and forensic audit of the Illinois pension plans. It’s […]

Suburban Democrats Wary of 75% Income Tax Hike

From the Daily Herald– front page article… Former GOP primary governor candidate Adam Andrzejewski even threatened retribution at the polls […]

Dwight Kay is Madison County Record’s Person of the Year

Dwight Kay was one of our four candidates that For The Good of Illinois PAC supported during the 2010 General […]

Public Service Pensions- The Top 50