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Adam Andrzejewski Interview on Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz

Watch the show online here: http://www.youtube.com/user/publicaffairstv/featured The Public Affairs program with Jeff Berkowitz is airing tonight in 24 suburban towns […]

Botched Homicide Investigation; Golden Parachute from Attorney General

After a botched indictment of Mayor Daley’s nephew…  “the lead ‘investigator’ ends up with a Chicago police pension; a new […]

Public Pensions and Generational Theft – A 3 Part Series

Part 1 – Understanding Public Pensions If you are under 40, you should stop reading this, stop planning to buy […]

Property Tax Cap First, Pension Shift Second

August 12, 2012 By Bruno Behrend Chicago Tribune Opinion   Illinois public policy has become such a Gordian knot that […]

I predicted this years ago

Back before I re-entered working in the policy and political domain, I was discussing how the growth of unsustainable pension […]

POP a CAP on that TAX!

One of the big items of discussion in Illinois right now is the move to shift the responsibility for school […]

Walter Russel Mead imitates For the Good of Illinois

Today, one the nation’s best known center-right bloggers and essayists posted the following; Time to Occupy State Pensions? It lays […]

So Much for Lame Auditing… Dixon and $30 Million

“If there’s hanky-panky with the city’s money, you’d think these people are going to find it out,” he said. “We’re […]

Heavy Handed PR Tactics at TRS

One Year ago, Adam Andrzejewski, then CEO of For the Good of Illinois, alongside State Representative Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) called for a […]

Illinois Is Broke! Website

Everyone in Illinois is talking about the commercials, click here. The knock at the door, the mother with child, and the voice that wants a check for $30,000. “I wasn’t talking to you (mother).” The voice is talking to the child.

Politics Notebook: Want to see local government salaries? Check your smartphone

Editors Note:  Our founder and former CEO Adam Andrzejewski is quoted in this political column of the Belleville News-Democrat.  Last […]

Pension Benefit Is A Taxpayer Rip-off, Decatur Herald & Review Sunday Editorial

By the Decatur H&R Editorial Staff Herald-Review.com Most Illinois residents don’t need another example to prove that the powerful in […]

Is Pension Proposal Political Poison? Champaign News-Gazette

It was the dog’s failure to bark in the night that provided a crucial clue in “Silver Blaze,” one of […]

Eye on state keeps it in check, Decatur Herald & Review Editorial

Mention the words “open government” or “transparency” and the eyes of a lot of readers glaze over. But the pension […]

Stop Pension Abuse- Sen. Matt Murphy, Chicago Tribune

It’s a simple, common sense idea: public pensions should be paid only to those who actually work for the public. […]