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We must stop Pension Abuse and Corruptions- Sunday Op-Ed

Recently, a scandal has come to light about the misuse of taxpayer dollars involving some of Chicago’s political bosses and […]

Closing Pension Abuse Loopholes, WCID-Champaign ABC News

Click here to hear the Adam Andrzejewski debate Illinois State University Economics Prof on pension reform and pension abuses. Around […]

Disgust With Public Pensions

Guest Commentary Ron Rybolt – Christian County, IL Just three short weeks ago, I was dismayed to read an article […]

Sen. Kyle McCarter and Rep. Dwight Kay Endorse SB2499

For Immediate Release Oct. 13, 2011 Union Leadership Draining Millions from Public Pensions Sen. Kyle McCarter and Rep. Dwight Kay […]

Cracking Open… “Corruptions” (SB2499)

“I first learned of the state level pension abuse from openthebooks.com” Sen. Matt Murphy, sponsor of SB2499. Yesterday at a […]

End Insider Pension Abuse (SB2499)- Press Conference Video

www.openthebooks.com posts the pay and pensions of virtually every public employee at every level of Illinois government. The state level pension abuse was discovered by citizens using the portal.

Lawmakers Look For Pension Loophole Fix

“This legislation defends the hard-working public employee, the hard-working teacher who pays into their (retirement) system,” said Andrzejewski. “The systems are, literally, being drained by tens of millions of dollars from non-government entities like public-sector unions (and) the nonprofit groups.”

Editorial: Partial transparency means no transparency for Lombard’s website

Lombard Spectator- Suburban Life News Posted Oct 11, 2011 @ 12:20 PM Lombard, IL — Someone at the Lombard Village […]

Union Leaders Draining Teacher Pensions- $47 million

Last month, the Chicago Tribune broke the story of a union leader who was re-hired for one day at the […]

Union Leaders Pull Down Millions in Public Pensions

Illinois Statehouse News SPRINGFIELD — Illinois taxpayers are on the hook to make sure union officials’ six-figure pensions keep flowing […]

“The Illinois’ Pension Invention!”

“ Illinois’ #1 manufactured product… Corruption!” Today, the Chicago Tribune editorial page says that pension investment insider Bill Cellini goes […]

$4 Million a Year in Teacher Pension- for 34 Union Leaders!

At Openthebooks.com, activists are uncovering sweetheart insider deals. Unearthing these insider scams helps to protect the hard working rank-and-file government […]

Tax hike not enough Illinois Statehouse News, Report

AUDIO is embedded at the “click here” link below. SPRINGFIELD — Adam Andrzejewski says he’s not surprised by a new […]

State Level Pension Corruption

“We’ll shine the light. You’ll bring the heat.” Please register and start searching at openthebooks.com. You’re ready for reform. Over […]

Sharp Lens Put on State Pensions- Daily Journal, Kankakee

For a screen shot of the front page article, click here. “I think I made about 970,000 enemies in the […]