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DuPage County Posts Check Register

January 12, 2009
Bob Grogan, C.P.A.


WHEATON — DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan announced on Monday a new feature on the Auditor’s Website that will provide detailed payment information so that the residents of DuPage County are able to more clearly see where county tax dollars are being spent.

Grogan, who took office on December 1, 2008, says that this new feature will ensure the County remains accountable to the taxpayers.

“These new reports in essence put the county’s checkbook online”, said Grogan.  “This new feature will give residents the ability to ensure their elected officials are being responsible with their hard earned money.”

The three new reports posted on the Auditor’s website will include:  a detailed listing of county payments made by each elected office and department; a detailed report of payments grouped by vendor; and a detailed report of contract payments grouped by vendor.

“During the current fiscal year, each report will be updated on a monthly basis and the previous fiscal year’s reports will also be available.  This is all being done at no additional cost to the taxpayers,” said Grogan.  “I am encouraging citizens to use our new webpage and call my Office if they have any questions about the contents of the reports.”

“I want to applaud Bob for enacting these changes, which continue our efforts to make DuPage County government more transparent and accountable to the public,” said DuPage County Board Chairman Robert J. Schillerstrom.

While the County Auditor is already charged with the statutory responsibility of reporting on the operations of the County’s financial condition every quarter, the reports on the new webpage will provide greater visibility as to the detail of the day-to-day business of the County.

“Today, DuPage County became the first of the 102 Illinois counties to be financially transparent with their spending.  With an operating budget of $530 million, DuPage County also becomes the largest unit of Illinois government to show taxpayers exactly where public money is being spent,” said Adam Andrzejewski, Director of ForTheGoodOfIllinois.  “I commend Auditor Bob Grogan and DuPage County who have worked hard and diligently to create this online portal:  the information is clearly laid out, very detailed and searchable three separate ways.  That’s good government.”

Grogan notes that the reports do not contain personnel-related information and only list payments made subject to the County Board’s budget appropriation.  While the names may be similar, the reports will not list payments made from the DuPage County Forest Preserve District nor the DuPage County Health Department as these bills do not come before the County Board for approval.

The new reports can be viewed at the Transparency in Government link on the DuPage County Auditor internet website at www.dupageco.org/auditor.

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