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What Gov. Quinn Didn’t Tell You

“Yes, Illinois is doing well… Our #1 manufactured product is corruption.” what Gov. Quinn didn’t tell you State of State […]

The Magical Illinois Checkbook- Statewide Subscriber Email

  The Comptroller’s job is to pay the bills.  And, all people deserve to see the electronic record- the State’s checkbook- […]

Forcing Open The State Checkbook- Details of our Lawsuit Complaint

“The Comptroller refused to show citizens the state checkbook and the Attorney General refused to do anything about it.” For […]

Botched Homicide Investigation; Golden Parachute from Attorney General

After a botched indictment of Mayor Daley’s nephew…  “the lead ‘investigator’ ends up with a Chicago police pension; a new […]

Editorial: Following The Money Clarifies Extent of Problem

To read the original editorial, click here. Bruno Behrend isn’t the most popular man among Illinois government types. But he’s […]

The Big Dogs- Illinois Public Salaries

Today, we just made OpenTheBooks.com even better…   Now, all federal salaries of Illinois based employees are posted online. Plus, all local, […]

A $48 Million Ride- School District Taxi Cab Service

“47 School Districts spent tens of millions… $48.864 Million on taxi cab service (2006-11)”  For The Good of Illinois, policy […]

Heavy Handed PR Tactics at TRS

One Year ago, Adam Andrzejewski, then CEO of For the Good of Illinois, alongside State Representative Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) called for a […]

It’s not the teachers; it’s the system

FOX Chicago Sunday: Karen Lewis & Bruno Behrend: MyFoxCHICAGO.com