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A Note About Auditing Government Agencies

The Houston City Council just voted to audit the Houston pension system. Audit of pension systems will cost Houston $395,000 […]

It’s a Sunny Day- OUR RECORD

by Adam Andrzejewski CEO, For The Good of Illinois March 14, 2011 G.K. Chesterton stated, “The highest office any of […]

Forensic Audit of State Would Save Money

From our archives: Initially published one year ago in the Springfield Journal Register Opinion Editorial By Adam Andrzejewski April 6, […]

The Big Squeeze- Rahm, Madigan and audits.

by Adam Andrzejewski February 28, 2011 “It’s not enough to influence Republicans, we must squeeze Democrats for better policy and […]

Illinois Pensions Need a Forensic Audit! (HR31)

From the press release, “Disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich was implicated in potentially corrupt insider schemes involving the pension systems. Recently, […]

Reflections on 2010

Reflections on 2010 By Adam Andrzejewski January 1, 2011 As 2010 draws to a close, I wanted to share a […]

Follow the Money, Champaign News-Gazette

November 30, 2010 Champaign News-Gazette Editorial Opinion Follow the money What’s wrong with finding out where Illinois taxpayer dollars go? […]

Who’s Afraid of the Forensic Audit?

Rich Miller just wrote a one-sided hit piece on the forensic audit. This post is intended to provide clarity and context.

Dwight Kay Calls For Forensic Audit

September 20, 2010 Kay calls for forensic audit Belleville News Democrat EDWARDSVILLE — Republican candidate for state representative Dwight Kay […]

Renew The Forensic Audit Call

August 2, 2010 Our View: Renew the forensic audit call The Journal Standard Once again the Quinn administration has an […]

Vote Down Party Lines On Forensic Audit

Sad day in Illinois when 68 legislators vote no to audit the spending while the state careens toward insolvency. Out-of-control […]

Forensic Audit Of Medicaid Passes Illinois Senate 59-0

Illinois Medicaid spends $13 billion out of a $52 billion Illinois state budget, representing approximately 25% of all state spending.  […]

Can A “Forensic Audit” Save Illinois?

April 22, 2010 Can A “Forensic Audit” Save Illinois? Chicago Tribune By Eric Zorn I love the determined, sniff ’em […]

Speaker Madigan, “Where Did The Money Go?” Nearly 40 years in Springfield…

April 22, 2010 Speaker Michael Madigan, Where Did the Money Go? Breitbart’s Big Government by Adam Andrzejewski “As Speaker, I […]

Tax Dollars Paid; Now Audit Them

April 10, 2010 Tax dollars paid; now audit them Sauk Valley By the SVN Editorial Board You may have heard […]