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Local Government – Putting the “Statist” in Statistics

A few days ago, we showcased 13 City Managers who were taking in over $200K/year “managing” their suburban fiefdoms. The […]

Grayslake Village Manager Total Comp May Exceed $350,000

REVIEW OF MICHAEL ELLIS COMPENSATION- VILLAGE MANAGER OF GRAYSLAKE In 1998, as a newly hired village manager Michael Ellis was […]

Top 13 “Big Dog” Village Manager Salaries- IL

Our “Big Dog” Report on highly compensated Village Manager’s has received much interest, here is a ranking of the Top […]

Daily Herald Covers City Manager Pay

Our “Big Dogs” email blast prompted an article by the Daily Herald. Group questions Grayslake manager’s $259,000-plus salary in 2011 […]

The Big Dogs’ High-Fat Diet

A few days ago, we sent out an email blast detailing the extremely high compensation of some village Managers in […]