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Subscriber Email: Illinois’s Sausage Making Machine- Gov. Quinn Administration Ignores Open Records and Freedom of Information Laws

Really.  The Most Transparent Governor Ever?     81% Failure Rate- State Executives Ignore Open Meeting Law Leaders of state agencies, […]

Forcing Open The State Checkbook- Details of our Lawsuit Complaint

“The Comptroller refused to show citizens the state checkbook and the Attorney General refused to do anything about it.” For […]

Press Release: Forcing Open The State Checkbook- Press Conference

                      www.forthegoodofillinois.org  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    January 8, 2013 Contact: William Bernardoni, […]

“Open The Books” Project Tip Sheet

www.openthebooks.com “OPEN THE BOOKS” PROJECT Download a pdf copy of this “tip sheet”, here. INITIATIVE:  Open the books on every […]

Opinion Editorial: A Threat to Illinois Transparency Law- Roger Eddy and Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB)

Opinion Editorial:  Champaign New-Gazette; Kankakee Daily Journal; Suburban Life Newspapers By Adam Andrzejewski– Founder, For The Good Of Illinois Organization Illinois […]

Website offers good news in open government

Jerry Moore: Website offers good news in open government Western suburbs — From December 2009 through January 2010, Adam Andrzejewski’s […]

Where’s Lisa? – Sunshine Week

By Adam Andrzejewski CEO, For The Good Of Illinois March 16, 2011 According to the Elmhurst Press, “Illinois Attorney General […]