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Subscriber Special: Pressure Builds at College of DuPage

“The president’s actions have reached the tipping point that challenges future plans for COD, We at the College of DuPage […]

Champaign News-Gazette: Every Dime Online & the College of DuPage Controversy

Jim Dey: Website wants every tax dime online Thu, 07/10/2014 – 7:00am | Jim Dey Most East Central Illinois residents […]


“This kind of work requires time, tenacity and resources.” Jim Dey  | Champaign News-Gazette November 2, 2013 Thanks to your […]

Champaign News-Gazette, Jim Dey: Open The Books Opens Whole New World to Taxpayers

Read original column here: http://www.news-gazette.com/opinion/columns/2013-11-02/jim-dey-open-books-opens-whole-new-world-taxpayers.html Champaign, IL – Nobody knows better than Adam Andrzejewski that politics is a numbers game. […]

An Army of One- Aggressive Citizen Impact, Subscriber Email

My Illinois Integrity. Transparency. Accountability.   Aggressive citizen action is giving Illinois a future… “For the good of the people…” All […]

Champaign News-Gazette: Director’s Big raises Sweeten his Pension by Jim Dey (after exposure in our Big Dogs Report)

Editor’s Note:  Following up our “Big Dogs Report” 2013, Jim Dey, columnist at Champaign News-Gazette, uses our Open The Books […]

Is Pension Proposal Political Poison? Champaign News-Gazette

It was the dog’s failure to bark in the night that provided a crucial clue in “Silver Blaze,” one of […]